<height si="1.016e-1">4 in.</height> x <width si="1.778e-1">7 in.</width> <brand>Gould</brand> <desc>diskette mailer</desc> Size #<size>000</size> No. <number>31000</number> <desc>self-sealing bubble cushioned mailer</desc>

<mfr>Gould Packaging</mfr> - A Division of <parent>LePage's 2000 Inc.</parent> <address latitude="42.263034" longitude="-83.240526"><number>21450</number> <street>Trolley Industrial Drive</street>, <city>Taylor</city>, <state>MI</state> <postal>48180</postal></address>. Made in <coo ie="country of origin">U.S.A</coo>.

Comments/Questions? Call <phone>1-877-621-4125</phone>. E-mail us at: <a href=""></a> <misc>19-0071</misc>

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