<grade>standard grade</grade>

6 hours in EP mode <size>T-120</size>

Ideal for:

  • everyday recording
  • taping TV programs
  • frequent re-recording


T-120/<length si="2.46e2">246<unit>m</unit></length>



Imported by

<distributor><name>Maxell Corporation of America</name> <address latitude="" longitude=""><state>New Jersey</state>, <country>USA</country></address></distributor>

<distributor><name>Maxell Canada</name> <address latitude="" longitude=""><city>Concord</city>, <province>Ontario</province>, <country>Canada</country></address></distributor>

<distributor><name>Maxell Latin America</name> <address latitude="" longitude=""><city>Panama City</city>, <country>Panama</country></address></distributor>


Product of <coo>Korea</coo>



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