This package carries a copyright notice. This, in itself, is not at all exotic in these extremely intellectually propertarian times. This package, however, is especially noteworthy. It is hoped that the standing precedent on fair use allows for the verbatim quote below, which needs no further comment, to wit:

<brand>Valu Time®</brand>

<desc>ground cinnamon</desc>

For nutritional information, write to the address below:

<dist><name>Distributed by Topco Associates, LLC</name>
<address latitude="42.021" longitude="-87.772"><number>7711</number> <street>Gross Point Rd.</street>, <city>Skokie</city>, <state>IL</state> <postal>60077</postal></address></dist>



<net><mass si="6.7e-2">67 <unit>g</unit></mass></net>

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